Exquisite Falconry Seamless Acorn Bells with the highest quality sound

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Seamless Acorn Falconry bells

Pair of.


Size 9  Eagles  and again Big Dogs

Size 7 (female Gos, Harris& Peregrine. Redtail)

Sizes 5 (most falcons use this size)

Size 3(Barn Owls, Male Harris)

Size 1 (also for really small birds)

These bells have been specially designed to achieve the finest sound available for the size of bell  ordered

Please understand that size one bells will never sound like size seven or nine bells


Some customers have been mixing the sizes to get a two-tone effect.

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I combine postage 
PLEASE NOTE.......SMALL BELLS DO NOT HAVE THE SAME LOUDNESS OF LARGER BELLS......so please take that into consideration when ordering
Thank you to the many dog clubs that have recommended our bells to other dog owners
sizes 5, 7 9    are best suited for dogs   5 for terriers