Bells & Bewits

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We carry an extensive range of Styles and Sizes of Bells. The table below is a guide of the appropriate sized Bell for your Bird. Bells are supplied to us from different suppliers, so not all Bells are available in all sizes. The available sizes for each bell are indicated in the drop down menus.

The size of a bell not only effects the weight but also the Volume and Pitch. Many Falconers combine different sizes of bells for a wider spectrum sound . Please drop us an Email if you wish to try this yourself.


Size 0     Size 0   The smallest Bell available                     

Size 1     Size 1   Suit Small Birds                                         

Size 2     Size 3   Suit Male Harris Sized Birds —––––––––- 

Size 3     Size 5   Suit Female Harris/Gos Sized Birds–––––  

Size 4     Size 7   Suit Red Tail Sized Birds —––––––––––– 

Size 5     Size 9   Suit European Eagle Owl/ Snowy–––––– 

Size 6     Size 11 Suit Eagles and other very large Birds–-


Acorn bell    17 mm Dia. * 20 mm Long) Size 3   

Acorn bell 18 mm Dia. * 20 mm Long) Size 5   

Acorn bell   20 mm Dia. * 23 mm Long) Size 7   

Acorn bell   22 mm Dia. * 25 mm Long) Size 9   

Acorn bell   24 mm Dia. * 27 mm Long) Size 11