Falconry Squirrel Chaps, Real Leather for Harris/Red Tail Hawks

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Squirrel Chaps
Harris, Redtail, Goshawk  or any Hawk or Falcon that loves catching those varmint squirrels and rats
Quite natural really, I would want to take a bite out of their legs too....only trouble the Birds are expensive and can at best end up
Lame...unfortunately ruptured arteries and infections are quite usual
At least these squirrel chaps offer some protection....
(this is not a guaranteed protection plan)
The Chaps fit over the top of the birds anklets and are secured with a press stud(can also be secured with a cable tie if necessary  ....also has 9 nickel eyelets to add as a distraction to the squirrel so it bites them rather than the Birds Legs.Made from high quality leather
At £9.99 is it worth the risk.
You could always add  Rapi-cure to your order just in case they get through   that cures it.
 Male Harris and Goshawk.......Medium
Female Harris and Red Tails.......Large