Quality Bells, Dual Tone Acorn for Falconry and Dogs. Great Quality

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Dual Tone/ High Tone Falconry Bells

one Brass and nickel and the other pure copper

Gives a unique and distinctive sound

Size 1 , Little Owls, Spars,  
size 3 barn owls, Tawny owls, lanerettes
size 5   male Harris hawks, male goshawks, male peregrines, dogs
size 7 female Harris, female goshawks, female peregrines, sakers, gyr's  and crosses etc   dogs
size 9   female red-tails, European eagle owls  large dogs
   what makes our dual tone is the use of 2 different metals for each bell
(Due to our success many ebayers have copied the words Dual tone into their Adverts
thus giving the impression they are the same as ours....they are not our Bells are 2 different metals in each bell which gives its own distinctive sound..if you watch the following video  near the end you will hear the sound of dual tone acorn bells
so distinctive)
Please Note.....the size11 bells are over 25mm in diameter and can no longer go as large letter  and are forced  to send small parcel...sorry  we are only the messengers, you will need to speak to speak to the obergruppenfurher  

Gb falconry Lahore bells - YouTube

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