Cat Collar with Neckerchief Scarf Bandana

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Cat Collar with Neckerchief Scarf
The same High Quality and Style as our very popular Dog Collars
Dimensions Length 32cm, width 1cm, fits up to 28cm neck size.
Colours Available:
Piano Black
Sky Blue
Rosso Red
Citrus Green
Prize Plum
Lipstick Pink
Royal Blue
Powder Puff Pink
 n.b   The Cat collars do not have the Lead clip  as shown in some
 pictures that is because the photo's on some are the dogs collars
 however the design is the same
PLEASE NOTE ....It is the responsibility of the person buying the cat collar that it actually fits. The size is given above    Returns  saying its too small for my cat will not be  accepted.
Secondly, Occasionally  cats have been known to get upset at wearing a collar  and will try to scratch it off,  in the process they can and will damage the material ..that is not our responsibility....we do not get this complaint from Dog owners...only Cat owners.
Sorry I have to spell it out like that but  Some Mothers do have 'em