Lobster clasps & split rings, 2 pairs for attaching bells to dogs collar

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2 pairs of lobster clasps and split rings
as photo 2 clasps, 2 rings
used to clip our bells to a dog or cat collar.

Falconry bells, particularly the larger sizes are extremely loud,
but if you have bells permanently attached to the collar, the novelty will wear off quickly indoors.
With bells on a lobster clasp it is simple to clip on just before your pet goes out
secondly bells held this way are louder than when clamped
tightly to a collar using a cable tie as this muffles the sound.

Cats & small breeds of Dogs need the smaller 31mm lobster clasp and 16mm ring with #1 or #3 size bells
Medium and large dogs need the larger 37mm lobster clasp and 20mm ring with #5, #7, #9 & #11

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