Childrens PM 2.5 Face Mask. (7 layer protection) (now back in stock)

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Advantages of the PM 2.5 face mask over disposable masks. 
Firstly, they are proper material 2 layers (with a compartment in between the layers for the pm 2.5 5 layer filtration system) 

The main thing is with the 5 layer system and 2 cotton layers that is 7 layers that's a lot  to get through either way.

You can wash the mask if it gets grubby ( and we are talking kids here)
They are not on the Government hit list for taking PPE from the NHS i cannot ever remember seeing 6 year old nurses or 8 year old Doctors or even 10 year old consultants. working in Hospital.
well, you want your children protected, and when they come home from school (if you have sent them) 

4 colours to start with pink,blue, cars and white backgrounds
we also can supply the pm 2.5 filtration pads 4 can go in an envelope, so its letter post the bigger quantities go in large letter post

each initial mask comes with a pm2.5 filter

each ear loop has an adjuster to enable to fit any size childs face. (2-10 years)