Dog Collar with Neckerchief Scarf Bandana Small / Medium

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 Dog Collar with Neckerchief Scarf
Adjustable, small / medium size 
The same high quality and style as our very popular Dog Collars
Please check your dogs neck size before ordering
Size      Width     Neck        Length
 S / M        1.5cm    29-35cm     38cm
 L         2.0cm    30-40cm     42cm
 XL       2.5cm    35-45cm     50cm
XXL      3.0cm    47-55cm     60cm  
are now available on a different listing  
Colours Available:
Piano Black
Sky Blue
Rosso Red
Citrus Green
Prize Plum
Lipstick Pink
Royal Blue
Also available in small size Cat collars which do not have the lead ring
as shown in some pictures however the general design is the same
NB We strongly advise you measure your Dogs neck to make sure you have selected the right size it wont be our fault if its too small or too big and we wont accept returns because the kennel club says your dog is medium and weighs 300 kilos