Dual Tone Dog & Cat Bells (originally for Falconry) Best Quality

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Cat and Dog Bells
These Bells were originally made and marketed by us as  Dual tone/High Tone Falconry Bells  giving a distinctive tone and pitch
But over the last 3 years  (thanks to Crufts) we have sold far far more for Dog use than ever we have for Falconry. This is due to the  quality of the sound produced by these bells making it easier for their owners to locate them on Dog walks.......to warn other animals of their approach (Lurchers and Cats come to mind)......likewise with cats it alerts Birds to their approach
Please note..these bells are specifically made to be safe with animals (not for Morris Dancers type)
to give indication of sizing  the Moggy is wearing size one bells  and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel size 9 bells  
Generally  a size 5 Bell is more used for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Jack Russells
and size 9  for the big dogs.
each pair will come with a cable tie to attach to the collar...(snip off the end with scissors)
The Bigger the Bell the bigger the sound
'Our smallest bells are have a considerably louder and crisper ring than any standard bell supplied on a Cat Collar, but the truth is that bigger bells are louder, Size matters!'
Due to the success of our Dual Tone Acorn Bells many other ebayers have copied the name into their adverts giving the impression that they are the same.....they are not
to be dual tone both the bells are of 2 completely different metals  If you watch the following video near the end you will also hear the dual tone bells....they are very very distinctive  
Please note  size11 Bells are over the 25mm threshold for sending large letter  so will have to small parcel   hence the price difference...thx 

Gb falconry Lahore bells - YouTube

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