Falconry Aylmeri anklet, jesses and Lahore Bells combination set

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Aylmeri Anklets (pair of)
Mews Jesses  (pair of)
Flying Jesses (pair of)
Lahore Bells (
pair of)

(sometimes refered to as false Aylmeri anklets, but these have eyelets at both ends)
The safer Anklet to buy.
Top quality soft leather (no need to be greased)
if you feel you must then use Nivea (never neatsfoot oil )
made from cowhide leather for extra strength
No eyelet tools or Cable ties needed with these anklets
Can be fitted in seconds with less stress for both the bird and you.

Small. Sparrow Hawk, Merlin, Little owl etc
Medium. Male Harris, Male peregrine, Lanner,Saker, Barn owl etc
Large. Female Harris, Female peregrine, Female Goshawk, Eagle owl etc

Extra Large. Female Redtail, Small Eagles, and eagle owls etc
American Kestrel anklets are not aylmeri as they are too small but they are pre eyed anklets all you need is a couple of cable ties (supplied)

please note that the colours of jesses and anklets may vary to whats 
shown depending on the colour of leather we are using