Falconry Bells Jeweled Diamond Cut (pair) also suitable for dogs, High Quality

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Falconry Jeweled Bells (Pair of)

These are diamond cut to give the jeweled look


Size 11 for extremely large dogs

Size 9  Eagles, snowy owls....and big dogs

Size 7  (female Gos, Harris& Peregrine. Redtail)

Size 5..male harris, Gos, Peregrine

Sizes 3 (Barn Owls, sakers)

Size 1(for smaller birds) 

Size 0 (for really small birds)(Kestrel,Merlin,,Perlin Spar)



To hear the quality of the sounds of these bells watch the video below
gives you a more  informed choice

Gb falconry Lahore bells - YouTube

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