Falconry Forearm and Upper arm extension Protection Sleeve.

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Protective your Forearm and Upper arm against 
Clawing and Bites from Your Raptor
On Many occasions Birds of Prey and Parrots
Suddenly decide they want to go walkabout on your arm
now Gloves are good, but if they have a mind to roam a bit more
you could have some nasty claw marks or worse
We at GB Falconry designed  a velcro attached
Arm Protector than neatly fits into the crook of your elbow and wraps around your arm and secured with the 2 velcro bands
giving more protection....it can be fitted in 2 ways
one offering more forearm protection  and by reversing it more upper arm.....depending on the length of arms
Made from high quality material and finished to a high Standard