Flea & Tick Dog Collar KINVEN Advanced Formula with Mosquito Repellent

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Kinven Advanced Formula Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs (

Natural outdoor flea & tick collar

available in 40cm  and 60cm 
FYI    Pomeranian Dogs and Chihuahua's  will also use a cats  (cheaper too)
2 Colours: Green or Orange difference is purely aesthetic
After fitting any excess length may be trimmed with scissors
Natural active ingredients formulated with essential oil
DEET free (a.k.a diethyltoluamide, which can be a skin irritant to humans)

Safe for dogs and cats, light weight, adjustable & waterproof 

Works for up to 4 months protection, 24 hours a day
thick fur cats  can need changing sooner

Wearable on neck of dog.
geraniol - the main active ingredient - which is derived from geraniums
wintergreen oil - derived from the wintergreen plant
almond oil - a commonly used "carrier" or emollient oil 
A collar is also available from us for Cats and Kittens