Quality Pair of Lahore Bells with ID Barrel , Lobster Clasp for Dogs Collars

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High Quality Lahore Bells
 (made for Falconry use)
Complete with Lobster clasp and split ring for easy attachment to your dogs collar
(believe me you will want to take them off when your dog is back home)
Also comes with an ID Barrel 
Please note:  you may not want to put the ID barrel on the clasp with the bells but attach separately to the dogs collar as a permanent feature
Size Zero      Tiny Dogs 
size 1            Very Small dogs,  (pomeranian)
size 3            Small dogs   (jack Russell, King Charles)
size 5            Small to medium Dogs  (Jack Russell and King Charles)
size 7            Medium to large   (Labradors, setters,  that sort of size
size 9            Large dogs    Greyhounds, Great Danes, Boxers, 
The bigger the Bell the bigger the sound......we sell more 9's and 7's than another other  
because hearing the dog is the most important thing to most customers, but its your choice